Thursday, May 1, 2014

I am NOT the Non-Profit, All of YOU are!

I am NOT Layers of Hope - Quilting 911, all of you are!  I have not made over 300 quilts, all of YOU have. YOU are the wonderful quilters that have stepped up and not sent any quilts, but the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen to go to Oso.

My grandchildren, my husband, our mail lady and the UPS, FedEx delivery people should get accolades for all the packing of boxes, they do, dropping off, placing them in my home, unpacking them, holding them up, getting pictures, repacking them, driving with me or driving me to the destinations.

I am only the person sending out the thank you notes, making a few telephone calls and getting my picture taken with those who are helping so we can get the word out.

While you are all diligently at your machines working, most days, I am on my couch with medication and ice and heat trying to relieve my horrible back pain that has seriously flared up or trying to get rid of my Fibromyalgic pain so I feel normal again.

I can't go out with my grandchildren and pull weeds or plant flowers, I can only give them the ideas I want to see and with huge smiles on their face, the enjoy it!

I wish when I apply for the non-profit status I could put everyone of your names on it, because you truly are the holders of this, all I am is the crazy lady that is starting it all.

I will have to hire someone to do the books and I am thankful my son will be home soon, he can do the moving and packing and unpacking and driving.

If this ever gets off the ground, I will stand at the top of a hill and shout thank you all of YOU for this great journey!

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