Sunday, May 4, 2014

An Angel Gained His Wings

You may remember a few months back, we sent a quilt to little Brendon Pressgrove-Gau and his mom. This sweet little boy's body was rejecting his transplant.

It is with a heavy heart I share this with you today from his mom, Katie Pressgrove.

'As you all already know Brendon Pressgrove-Gay went to dance the wobble with Jesus at 8:49pm last night. It was very peaceful. I want to thank each and every one of you for your constant prayers for him. The Lord heard and answered them ALL. He finally completely healed our sweet baby boy. Brendon touched so many, some in very big ways and some small. He brought so many to God and if they weren't believers he still touched them in amazing ways. God blessed us with almost 5 amazing years with our boy and he taught us so much about life. I will forever miss my baby boy and a day will never go by I won't think about him. He fought so hard and always with a smile that forever changed my life. Brendon did NOT lose that fight, it was just time for him to go home. His work is not done though. He is still in all of our hearts and will be watching over and guiding us every single day, painless and free as a bird. The things he taught me I will forever pass on and continue to share with the world. The stories of every miracle God showed us through Brendon that brought me to my strong faith, I will always remember and praise God for every day. The Lord blessed me with a beautiful baby girl in Omaha, Nebraska. He also blessed me with the peace of finally knowing my baby boy is pain free. As a mother I am forever grateful of that. Thank you again for standing behind us and helping us through. Our time spent with him would have been much shorter without the great power of your prayers and support. You will never understand what that meant to me. Hug and kiss your babies every chance you get and cherish each smile and second you have with them. I love you all. We are driving home now. We meet with the funeral home in the morning at 9:30 to make arrangements. I will update when we do make them. I encourage all of you to come if you would like. You may not have ever met him but have kept up with him through Facebook and prayed for him. I want you to know that that is OK and if you would like to come I would LOVE for you to come. It would fill my heart with so much joy and peace to meet/see everyone and anyone who took part in giving me all the time I was blessed with with him. Thank you all so much. May the Lord bless you and keep you, cause his face to shine upon you and give you peace.'

If you would like to send thoughts and prayers please do so to:
 Katie Pressgrove 
c/o Brandy Frye
5527 Bartlett Grove Cove
Bartlett, TN 38134 

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  1. So sad to hear of the loss of someone so young. His mother is showing so much grace and faith that I am not sure I could show. God bless this family. They are in my prayers.



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