Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thank You's Are Nice, Very Nice

Out of darkness comes light, out of sadness a smile, out of tragedy kindness from strangers, out of hopelessness...hope and in those darkest days when you walk around in a fog, when time seems to slow to a crawl or speed up to warp speed, when you forget to eat, when you can't remember the last time you sat down, comes a quilt.

While some do not understand the importance of these scraps of fabric being cut and pieced together, a quilter knows. They do this out of love, they fuss and pray over each stitch and they send their efforts on to bless others who are lost.

It is when these times hits, when we send out quilts that sometimes out of the blue, a thank you arrives, and when they do, I cry with each one, my family has to read them because my voice cracks and I cry knowing we made a difference.

Here are two of a few I received this week and want to share with you:

 While these came to me, they are actually for all of you who make quilts and send them to me to bless others!  

Always know, YOU make a difference and so do your QUILTS!

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  1. Thank you's are always nice, but never necessary. we quilt because we can't go in person to give a hug. We quilt because we've been given the talents to work with our hands and know that the gifts we've been given aren't ours to keep, but to share and by sharing we are blessing others and bringing joy to ourselves in the process. I'm a little selfish sometimes in my quilting because I have so much fun and it helps me get through some tough times as well. It's my own form of therapy on bad days. Thanks for sharing these wonderful cards.


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