Tuesday, April 22, 2014

No Deadline For Quilts

Please, if you have a quilt to send and think you have a deadline, we have no deadlines. The area is still under mud, they are still cleaning up, families are burying family members, the community is crawling with emergency management and personnel and who knows when people will start finding homes to live in again and need these quilts.

I promise you when they need them, we will be ready!  They are not going anywhere until I get a request to take them up there and right now people are still asking me to stay out of the area.

I was able to get approximately 50 quilts from the Skagit YMCA picked up by the Family Center in Darrington to pass out, but that is just beginning to scratch the surface, of family, survivors, emergency personnel.

I also have been given a contact person who lost their home, so that will be dealt with once I know the person wants a call. I DO NOT blind call family members, uncool!

So keep sending them in!

Two more to look at:

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