Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Oso Landslide and Tornadoes

I am still collecting quilts for Oso landslide families and hope to get more than ever this week coming in as I am going up Friday for my personal first delivery.

However, with seeing the devastation the tornadoes have left behind, I have received an excessive amount of baby and toddler quilts and would love to pass them on to those in these areas in need.

I have put out my feelers, however, if you have a contact point or hear of anyone collecting please, let me know. 

Please remember, I am dedicated to completing the goal of 500 or more quilts for Oso and that would be adult quilts.  Anything left over as always will be passed forward to help others.

I know there are still people collecting for the victims of Hurricane Sandy and Oklahoma last year.  Please remember we still need quilts for these people and while the devastation is horrible, I need to finish what I began for the people of Oso.


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