Monday, April 28, 2014

Quilts For The Pastors and Fire Fighters

I cannot say how blessed I feel to be receiving so many beautiful quilts and I promise you every one of them will be distributed to the area for survivors and first responders.

I am just at under the 1/2 way mark at around 235 when you remove the baby quilts. We will be taking some with us, but I am told at this time there is not a need for many baby quilts.

I haven't met her yet, but I have talked to an amazing lady no, angel named June who lives about 30 minutes from the area. Last week she picked up some of the quilts the YMCA is holding for us and today she delivered them to fire fighters and the lead pastor in the area for the pastors that have been up there offering counseling and helping out.

Quilts for the pastors from Layers Of Hope - Quilting 911 and all of you!

Sometimes the fire fighters are a big tougher. The always want to give their quilts away to help others, however, June was able to tell them these were for them to keep for their beds at the firehouse or where ever!  

 No, those aren't bananas they are quilts. The quilts taken to the YMCA in Skagit valley and you can tell they are happy to have them.

I am heading up to the area on Friday and will be stopping by and dropping some off with the 911 dispatch center that were the true first responders on scene. Then off to give some more to families.

Thank you all so much for what you have done. Please, continue to share with quilters on your blog, Facebook page or in person we still need more quilts. 

Our goal was 500, lets surpass that!

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  1. thank you for thinking of the pastors, they are often forgotten as in need of comfort too


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