Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Even The Strongest Men Break During A Tragedy

I want to share with you that I have not been up to the Oso area yet. I have not seen the devastation and have been told one must now have credentials to get into the area. I do not have those credentials, but I have love for those that are in the area.

All but 2 people have been accounted for and the operation has been halted for searching for them and has now turned into a clean up that will go on for many years in my estimation.

We see the slide on television, what we don't see is what the people looking for those that died see and I won't say anymore than I have to as I am sure you can imagine that many that found were not whole.

Imagine the horrible smell of death surrounding you day in and day out as you anxiously look and pray to find just one more survivor and then, you find a child.

I have been around the smell of death, it just doesn't leave your nostrils when you walk away, it clings to you, your clothing, your hair and you can't just wash it away and...it is a smell you will never forget.

There are many people in the area searching, there were first responders, neighbors, friends, family members, strangers and those that go first in events like these, the National Guard.  There were 77 National Guard that went up day in and day out and came back changed.

They will never let us see on television the pain in their faces, their shoulders that have drooped a bit more, the tears they cry when no one sees them and when they are told it is time to go home, they will only to be called out for another disaster and no matter how strong one is, it takes a toll.

I need a quilt guild, church or quilting organization or quilters in general to step up and commit to helping make 77 quilts just for the National Guard that responded.

Please, these men and women do so much to help us in our desperate times of need, won't you reach out and bless them with a quilt?

You can send it to me:

Jean Kester
18740 Ivan Street SW
Rochester, WA  98579

Please share this with others!

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