Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Please Help This 911 Operator in Texas

Hurst PD (TX) Dispatcher in Need of Support (Adopted by Julianne)

My name is Misty George, I am a dispatcher with the Hurst Police Dept in Hurst TX. I am sending this email to request support for one of our dispatchers that has recently been diagnosed with Acute Leukemia. Christy Shidal has been a dispatcher off and on for over a decade and is currently employed with Hurst Police Department. Christy has been here for a little over a year and is an integral member of our dispatch family.
In October, Christy began to feel ill and went to the Dr several times with no relief. On Friday October 18th, Christy received an emergency call from her Dr that she needed to immediately go to the emergency room because they found that her white blood cell count was so high that she was in danger of dying from a stroke. Christy was immediately placed in ICU and they worked for several days to get her white blood cell count down out of the danger zone for a stroke. Once her levels came down from the danger zone, they immediately began daily chemo for the Leukemia. She has been in the hospital for about a month now and at this point there is no end in sight for her hospital stay. Christy is getting close to the end of her vacation/sick time and may have to go out on FMLA with no pay.
Christy is the first person to step up and help anyone in need, and in return is the last person to say she is in need. In fact she will tell you that she doesn't want to ask for anything because that would take away from someone in need. Christy is a dedicated member of our team, and is always one of the first people to step up when anyone else needs assistance, whether work related or personal.
Cards or other support can be sent to:
This was the initial request for help for this young lady. 

Today I received the following:
The latest update I have is that Christy is now out of time with the city.  She is on FMLA with no pay.  She is going to Dallas 2-3 times a week for a very heavy dose of chemo.  They are trying to get her to the point of being in remission and then are looking to do a bone marrow transplant.  As of now, there is not even a tenative date for her to come back.

She could really use a warm quilt for her travels do I have a quilter who can step up and say I will do this for her?

How about another one to send her a card every now and then lifting her spirits?


  1. Jean, I left you a comment on Quilting Ranny about a quilt for Christy in Texas.

    I think in the future I'll just email you -- computers can be so confusing.

  2. Bev:
    It will be better soon as we transition from both sites to our new one!


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