Wednesday, January 8, 2014

California Quilter Needed for California Dispatcher

California Highway Patrol Dispatcher in Need of Cancer Support **Adopted by Stephanie S. of PA**

Attached is a request from the California Highway Patrol’s Orange County Commmunications Center. Thank you for considering our request.
Mike Ritchie is a 42 year old Public Safety Dispatch Supervisor I with the California Highway Patrol. Formerly an officer and dispatcher with El Cajon Police Department, Mike joined the CHP in 2007. In July 2012, Mike experienced abdominal pain and had several tests performed. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer, which had metastasized to his liver. He has been off work since his diagnosis. Although Mike has been given a terminal diagnosis, he is determined to fight the cancer through aggressive chemotherapy and a healthy diet. His wife Christine and their son Kaleb are his motivations to continue his fight. Kaleb, a leukemia survivor, already suffered the loss of his birth father years earlier, and Mike is determined to do everything within his power to fulfill his role as father and husband. Mike has exhausted his leave credits and they are getting by on Christine’s salary with the school district. Although she hasn’t been at that job for very long, her supervisors and peers have been supportive in her need for time off.
What is most striking about Mike’s response to his illness is his positive attitude. Mike refuses to feel sorry for himself and repeatedly expresses gratitude for the support shown by his family, friends, and the CHP. His coworkers have organized a raffle and bake sale to benefit his family, and hope to present his family with a gift card to help with Christmas expenses.

If you would like to help this CHP dispatcher, please let me know and it might be pretty awesome if you could make a matching blanket/quilt for his son who has already endured so much!

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  1. Greetings!

    I just happened upon this blog post and thought I would reply. I lived in Northern California, San Fran, before moving here to Pennsylvania. I make quilts and would be happy to make one for Mike and his son.

    If you are still looking for a quilter, please let me know and we can discuss the details further.

    Thank you, I look forward to being of service.

    Stephanie Stroter


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