Thursday, September 5, 2013

Two More Completed Quilts for The Granite Mountain Hotshot families

This one was made and completed by Pat C. of Renton, WA and she was able to hand deliver it to the police department in which Jesse Steed's brother Cassidy works.

We have been blessed that several of the quilters are going to or have been able to hand deliver their quilts for the family members!

 Pat states it is just a twin sized, but it sure looks much larger!  I love the colors in this one and it is so appreciated when they receive a quilt!

The next one is another collaboration quilt between Julianne, the quilter and me, the finisher.  Julianne sent me the top, I added the fleece backing and did the quilting and it has been done for oh, about 15 minutes now!

The picture isn't really great as my granddaughter was not wanting to hold it because her arm was sore!

The last picture shows the hearts I put in the center of this quilt. They are not the best because they are free handed on the machine, but I know she will love it!

This one is for Glenna Eckel, the mom of Travis Carter one of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots who perished!

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