Monday, February 19, 2018

Westerville Ohio Communications Center Quilts Needed

We are in desperate need right now to send out quilts to the 911 Communications Department of Westerville, Ohio where they lost two police officers on February 10th in an ambush style shooting.

Not only did they lose two of their friends and co-workers, they have been receiving hate calls from outsiders telling them how the officers deserved to die and more should die and this is NOT okay!

I usually do not bump up an agency when we still have needs unmet, but this agency needs some quilty love from you my faithful quilters.

The current need is 16 female and 6 male quilts and quilts can be large lap sized or twin sized or larger. All quilts must have a label that has the following information on it:

Name of Quilter
Date of Quilt
Layers of Hope-Quilting 911/911 Cares
Anything else you want to add

Also, please enclose a short note or card, while it is not necessary it helps those working behind the scenes to know you care.

Please contact me:
compassionatequilter at rocketmail dot com for the address to send your quilts to!

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