Saturday, May 2, 2015

Quilts in and quilts out...

3 For Placer County

From our regular contributor Lynn, so beautiful
I always feel so blessed when we reach out and help others with these beautiful quilts.  What is even more refreshing is when someone calls me to say thank you and in the last two weeks, I have received 2 such calls. Very humbling for me.

The top three quilts were a direct send for Placer County 911 professionals who worked a tragic incident in their county and I can't think of a more wonderful thanks, than a quilt they can wrap themselves up in when chilled or needed some comfort.

The bottom quilt comes from Lynn Ray who has made an amazing commitment to Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 to send us new quilts throughout the year as her life allows. Her work is amazing and always just blows me away.

Thank you all for your love for others!


  1. These quilts are lovely! Could you show full pictures of the top three quilts? That helps us get ideas on what to make.

  2. Myra, I do not have those pictures. Many times quilters ask me how they want the quilts to be delivered. In this case the quilters mailed out from their home directly to the person that delivered these to the banquet. You can check out my pinterest page or our Facebook page and look around. I will try to post some miscellaneous pics from current mailings!


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