Saturday, January 31, 2015

Please Send A Card to Phoenix Fire, Such a Loss!

A Phoenix Fire 911 lost her life on her way home from the end of her shift when a man driving the wrong way down the freeway hit her vehicle.

While it may appear the 911 community is large, I can tell you it is very small and the entire Valley of the Sun as Phoenix is called is feeling the heart break of this loss.

I worked for the City of Goodyear for thirteen years and most of those years, we dispatched our own fire and EMS. However, towards the end of my career, we contracted out to Phoenix Fire as they have an amazing Fire/EMS communications center.

This loss will be felt by all agencies that worked closely with Phoenix fire as well as the police communications operators, police officers, fire fighters and her 2 small children and her husband.

Keep in special prayers her uncle whom she worked under and had a great relationship with as well.

Cards may be sent to:
Phoenix Fire Communications
150 S. 12th Street
Phoenix, AZ  85034 

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