Monday, January 5, 2015

News Update on Hoquiam landslide

Hoquiam Police tell KXRO that following the landslide on Queets Ave, 3 homes were overtaken by the debris. 2 of these home s were vacant at the time. residents in the 3rd home were able to escape without injury.

Hoquiam Police are advising everyone to avoid Cherry and Queets due to standing water, and if at all possible, avoid Sumner, Riverside, and the East Hoquiam Rd as well.

The YMCA is offering their facility for anyone who needs emergency shelter, and a Grays Harbor Transit bus is on site near Queets for residents in need of shelter.
Residents are advised to avoid driving in standing water throughout Grays Harbor.

Here are just a few pictures I have seen from the area:


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  1. Water can be so invasive. However if you flood, do not rush to throw everything out! Take your time, let things dry out. Then clean. Time heals all you are going through. Words from one who has been there.
    Thank you Jean for sharing these pictures.


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