Friday, October 17, 2014

Two Finishes

Huge request for quilts for eastern Washington, where we are being asked for 478 quilts of which I believe or am hoping I have around 100 still in stock.

As I was going through my bins this week after finishing up my granddaughters quilt, I discovered I had two quilts completed and all I needed to do was add binding, so in two days, I finished those.

These are two that Marilyn L. and her binky patrol put together in CA and sent to me and now I have them done. I also just found one that needs back and batting and binding, so I will be busy this week.

Plans for a trip over the mountain pass is for November right before the holidays, so hopefully, we have at least half of the quilts collected and then the next trip would have to wait until after Christmas as one can get stuck when the snow hits.  But that depends solely on the number of quilts I receive!

Bless you all!!


  1. Is this the weekend you'll be picking up quilts in Seattle? Where? I still have a big one to pass on to you somehow. Things have been challenging for us lately too...

  2. Sue, I will send you an email. Perhaps we can get it mailed to me or meet somewhere before I leave to eastern WA in November for our first delivery.


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