Friday, October 10, 2014

Ready for Eatern Washington, A Finish

The Back

The Front

The Girls      

This has been an incredibly busy and painful week, so anytime I get to sit down and quilt is time to relax and take my mind off my own pain and think about those that are suffering from the loss of their homes in eastern Washington.

The kids all had school conferences and I am so proud of them, because in comparison to last year they brought all of their grades up and are working so hard to keep them up.

In between conferences were physical therapy for me and Diva Girl and she enjoys it while it is painful for me and causes me to hit the ice and heat pad.

Still, I was determined to finish this strip quilt and I love the way it came out and the back is camo backing because I wanted to make it for a male as I have so many female quilts and I wanted it to be a larger size than normal.

So, next week, I am heading to Burien for a sewing class to just relax and have fun and I will be picking up around 30 quilts from the Town Square Fabric and Yarn shop and making a date to go to Okanogan County before the snow hits that area.

I am so happy I finished this one. Now to bind 2 more!


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