Friday, September 19, 2014

Falling On My Face, Means Getting Back Up

When I fall, I don't just scrape a knee, I break something and that means trying to figure out how to get back up off my duff and get back into the swing of things.

Sadly, I did that here and feel a bit banged up, but think I can recover quickly, but I need your help.

In the beginning of the year, I wanted to showcase some of the amazing quilters I have been blessed to have come into my live and share their quilting and compassion of others with those 'unseen heroes,' our 911 dispatchers and their families.

I got to January and February and then ran into some medical issues and then the huge Oso landslide disaster and the eastern Washington fires and more medical issues and taking on another grandchild in July and homeschooling one this year.  Wow!!! Time Flew!

I really didn't mean to ignore my amazing quilters, it wasn't my intention to do that, but I can't showcase myself. So forgive me and lets start this again.

I would like to showcase one of you to be on my blog. I ask about 10 questions and if they seem to personal you do not need to answer or can do so with just what you want to share.

I would like a few pictures of your quilts, your quilt space, etc. to put with the interview. Really simple stuff. I send you the questions, you copy and paste and send to me and you are showcased on the blog and Facebook for a month.

You also do NOT have to have a blog to be show cased as I know many of you read others but don't have one yourself.

Lets get started for October.  I shared quilters in January and February, now lets get October started!

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