Friday, September 12, 2014

Dispatcher Needs Support for Adrenal Cancer

Irena has Adrenal Cancer and is going through some tough times. If you can reach out to her with a card or more to bless her that would be awesome. 
rena Bones-Gaston has been diagnosed with Stage 2/3 Adrenal Cancer and is currently waiting on admission to Cancer Care Center.  Since she has been off of work with illness, she has fallen on some hard times personally.  She has discovered that she has some major repairs to make on her home.  If theses repairs are not made, she and her family can no longer live there.  Through all of this, Irena still has kept her faith and keeps pushing on. 

Her department is trying to keep Irena’s family above water while she goes through this hard phase of her life.  If anyone would like to send cards, notes of encouragement or assist financially, please send them to :

Kimberly Hartman
c/o York County Department of Emergency Services
120 Davies Dr.
York, PA 17402.  

** If donating money, please make checks out to Irena Bones-Gaston.  Kimberly will make sure to hand deliver everything we receive for her**

**Always ensure when sending cards, etc.  that you let the families know you heard about them through Layers of Hope - Quilting 911.**

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