Sunday, August 24, 2014

God's Timing, Always Perfect

I am always surprised when God shows me exactly who a quilt goes to. Why, I am surprised I do not know because it has happened over and over again since I began this ministry.

When my mom passed, I was working on a Redwork hand embroidered lap quilt, I thought it would be so neat over the back of the sofa, then I met one of her amazing Hospice nurses and found out this lovely woman was even coming by on her days off and I knew, her name was on that quilt.

I was working on a baby quilt and getting ready to sell it, when someone told me about a little baby who was very ill in the hospital and God led me to give this quilt to the baby and his family. He is thriving now!

There were the 2 identical quilts I received after the OSO landslide, identical with the exception one was blue and one was green and one came from WA and the other from CA. I had unpacked them, inventoried then and didn't give it a thought until one night I saw two young sisters who had lost their home and their parents, and I knew, God wanted these quilts to go to them.

As you know, I have struggled recently to finish a quilt for a male, my hands aren't doing as well as they used to, I can't sit as long as I used to, my quilting space is extremely hard to work on and yet, I continued working on it.

I also knew in this ministry that I do for 911 operators and first responders that sooner or later I would be making or asking for a quilt for someone from my old department. They say 'it's a small world,' however the world of 911 emergency dispatchers and law enforcement is even smaller.

Last week I was on Facebook when an old trainee/supervisor I had posted about a police officer who lost a kidney to cancer about 1`0 years ago and is now on the transplant list for another kidney and is set to start dialysis.

This officer was the one, I enjoyed taking ride alongs with, who once made me laugh so hard about a women in the lobby who wanted to report IBM Selectric typewriters were in a warehouse somewhere stealing every word she said...I had to walk away or wet my pants.

This officer was the go to officer I could count on when I had a trainee and needed to have a mentally unstable call come in for training because he could pull the entire call off without cracking his voice or laughing and he did a great job.

This officer and I used to spend the very quiet week-ends pulling warrants and doing warrant arrests and we did so quietly and easily and as a team. He has such a great sense of humor that no one got angry and many times they just said, 'you got me.'

I haven't talked to him since long before I left the department, I broke my leg and was taken out of dispatch and worked records at night. When I retired his girlfriend (one of my trainee's and later promoted to supervisor) is the one who set up a cake to say good-bye. They are still together and I haven't talked to either of them.

Yet, I feel this quilt has taken so long because God wanted it to make the trip to Goodyear and warm this officer while he endures dialysis and hopefully brings him comfort knowing God chose his quilt, I am just the delivery person!

If I get the binding done tomorrow, I will post the completed picture!

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