Saturday, August 23, 2014

Another Thank You

I always want to share with you the thanks I receive for all you do to support this ministry.  This note came into our Facebook page and is from Lisa Smith one of the hard working daily dedicated volunteers who worked the HUB when the Oso slide hit.

'I want all of the quilters to know how much you are appreciated, even more than words can express. You greatly helped with the healing process post Oso Mudslide, and you continue to help with the Carlton fire survivors. I have family in the Methow Valley. They do not have the access or facilities we were privileged to have on this side of the mountains. I can tell you that every quilt you make is very much needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you for all you do.'

Lisa has family in the Methow Valley area of Washington where some of the worst wildfires hit in our state. But how awesome she took time to tell all of you thank you!

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