Friday, July 18, 2014

Quilts Needed for Washington Fire Victims

I will once again be collecting quilts for distribution in a large scale. This time they will be for those who lost their homes in the huge fires that are burning in Washington state at this time.

Fifteen to twenty homes have burned in Pateros and another 20 in the Twisp-Winthrop area are gone as well.  I have been told the county has a population of around 40,000 and it is unknown at this time how many people have lost their homes that live outside these towns.

If you would like to read more about these fires, please check out this link: 

Just like last time you can mail them to me at:

Jean Kester
18740 Ivan Street SW
Rochester, WA  98579

I have not set a deadline for these quilts as I have not even contacted anyone in these areas and will not do so until the fires have been put out and I have gotten more numbers that may be needed.

Please, we do NOT at this time need infant or baby quilts as I still have those on the shelves from last time.  We need men's quilts as well as women's quilts.

Please follow these guidelines for sending items to me:
1- Handmade quilts only, no store purchased blankets.

2- NO CLOTHING!  I am NOT set up to store boxes of clothing and will donate any clothing that comes in to my local clothing bank and homeless shelter.

3- If you want to send handmade hats or gloves that would be fine, but I am not taking pants, coats, etc.  There are other agencies that can do this and have the storage to do so.

4-I received around 5 very nice handmade quilts last time, I could not donate them as they had been stained in some spots and others were torn. * Please, if you feel you want to donate that quilt that grandma made, make sure it is in new condition, no rips, stains or smells.*

5- These people just lost their homes and everything in it. I will say this each time, they do not need or want your trash, nor do I want it or want to have to dispose of it.  If it is something you wouldn't use yourself, please don't send it to those who lost everything.

6-Please send quilts that are at least twin sized or larger. I know it is asking a lot but most adults going through this need to wrap up under a quilt and just feel the love and warmth that you sent them.

7. Do not think you can't make a difference. I am still hearing from those that received quilts and how happy they are and thankful for the love you sent to Oso.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask me.


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