Friday, July 25, 2014

Please Help Spread the Word, Quilts for Washington Wildfires Are Needed

I can't do this alone, I need your help and I know I have followers who do not post comments, but the families of the Washington Wildfires need our quilts and our prayers.

There are towns such as Twisp-Winthorp, Pateros and even Leavenworth that have been evacuated and the families let back in in some of the areas.

Sadly, over 100 homes and more are gone. A retired law enforcement officer had a heart attack and died while trying to protect his home from the fire.

Okanogan county is one of the poorest counties in the state of Washington and many of the families now have absolutely no place to go and it isn't like they can just check into a motel down the street.

Washington winters on this side of our state can be brutally cold, these families need quilts to let them know we care, we are here for them, we are praying for them.

The town of Brewster had to evacuate their hospital and send patients elsewhere as a precaution and where there was once farms and fields there is now black that stretches for miles.

First responders that I will never meet, have come in via National Guard, Wildland Fire fighters and more and the local first responders will need our help.

Please, last time a disaster in our state hit us like this, you provided over 500 quilts and this time we need more.  If you can't send a quilt right now, please help us spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your blog or just word of mouth.

We are quilters and we all know quilters. I know some you don't know and you know quilters that I don't know, so lets get this party started and help the people of Washington by showing them the world cares.

I have also had a request for postage by one of my regular contributors who quilts but doesn't have the extra for postage. If you can help her, let me know and I will give you her address so you can send her a check to pay for the postage.

My address is:
Jean Kester
18740 Ivan Street SW
Rochester, WA  98579

Thank you all of you!

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