Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Long Arm Quilters Needed in Washington

I am looking for some long arm quilters in Washington around the Marysville, Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Seattle areas. I have several quilters that make amazing quilts and need to have them quilted.

I also need a long arm quilter in the Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR area that has a long arm and can do a few quilts a year for us.

I need these to be done without charge and I understand I am asking a huge favor, but Layers of Hope or the quilters will provide the batting and backing and thread, I just need someone who can long arm.

If this sounds like something you would be willing to do, please let me know as many of our quilters pay out of their own pockets to have this done.

Marilyn, I know you would if I have those in California that need help and I have you on speed dial....HAHAHA!!

Please let me know if you could donate your long arm talents once in awhile!


  1. I'm willing to help I'm in Strasburg lancaster county pa

  2. I'm willing to help I'm in Strasburg lancaster pa.


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