Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tomorrow I will Rest, But Today, There is Work To Be Done

I try to tell people, that Layers of Hope isn't about me, because plain and simple, it isn't.  It is about those 911 professionals and first responders who during a disaster or tragedy, need comforting as well as the victims and survivors.

It is about the quilting community that reaches out and says, we are 100% behind you and the community that is hurting and then turns around and gives me 200% (yes, I know from a math standpoint, 100% is all I get but from the hearts standpoint, I get more!)

It is about going into these communities and seeing that they didn't cave in, they didn't give up and they were working hard before FEMA the Red Cross or United Way, ever got to them. They remain working hard as these agencies left to take care of other disasters. It is about the love for humanity and yes, I can tell you it still exists and it is amazing!

Just a few of the boxes of quilts we received to pass onto the families, volunteers and first responders of Oso from the first 39 boxes to those that are still coming in, it has been as my granddaughter would say, 'rocking it!'
Opened and counting
Packed and ready to go

What had been great to bless a community has been able to bless my family by showing my grandchildren how important it is to 'give back,' and for them to go to the site of the slide and see it for themselves and to tell others about it!

Trip #1 shot inside van from front to back, minus both back seats!

Trip #2, minus the middle seat and stacked so I could see out this time!
Three trips I have made to the area and thanks to your amazing generosity, we have donated as of yesterday's trip, 376 quilts and 74 handmade fleece blankets and a part of my heart will always be in this little community I had never heard of until tragedy struck.

I mustache you a question. Do we look funny? My two sweet helpers!
This is my granddaughter and her best friend after we had visited the HUB in Arlington and dropped off family quilts and quilts for the volunteers.  They deserved this for getting up at zero dark thirty and having great attitudes!

But, if you want to know how this has affected my granddaughter who took the first trip with me, you should have been a bird in the room yesterday when she was asked by her friend, to tell her why we were there.

Without batting an eye, she stated: 'because our community had a landslide and they really need us to help out and give back.'  Our community? Yes, after being up there several times, after seeing the devastation, after meeting the people and hearing their stories, she in some small way feels a part of the community. After all, isn't that what 'giving back does to people, bring us all together?'  EACH of YOU are now a part of Oso, Arlington and Darrington.

I have met people who have amazed me:
Quilts for the 24 pastors who arrived and stayed to help families and first responders!
For Arlington
Jana Hecla 'Oso Caring'

Quilts for the 911 Center that truly were, 'first on scene!'
For the Firefighters
For Darrington

People like Jana Hecla who have not stopped going since Oso
started and who keep going and tell me, I will rest tomorrow, but for today, there is still work to be done.

To those that don't give up, no matter how unsurmountable the odds, who keep going to make a difference, who 70 days after the devastating landslide are still saying, 'tomorrow I will rest, but today, there is still work to be done.'

For those of you not from Washington, they opened a lane of Highway 530 yesterday, check it out and see how God reached out and blessed a mom!

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