Saturday, April 19, 2014

Worth Repeating

I have received numerous boxes of used clothing for the families in OSO and I have said this before so feel it is once again worth repeating.

I have been told OSO is over run with used clothing, toys, etc.  they have no place for this stuff and with me living in our home with my family, I have no place to store used clothing and I am NOT collecting used clothing for OSO.

Remember this organization is all about quilts of hope, quilts of warmth and we are collecting new handmade quilts or crocheted blankets or knitted blankets and even new hand tied blankets.

I will NOT deliver torn, stained, old, store purchased, greasy, smelly quilts that are tattered and worn. I will not deliver used clothing that you dug out of your closet from the 1950's. 

I reserve and have the right to dispose of these items as I see fit and I will do so!  I said this in the beginning and it appears I need to repeat it...I have the right to toss into the trash or donate to local shelters and second hand shops anything that looks old and nasty!

If it has been sitting in your garage, basement, closet or grandma's house for years and no one wanted it and you sent it to me to get rid of it, I am sorry, the people of OSO deserve our best, not our throw away's we don't want.

I have seen people offer homeless people their half eaten and slobbered on burger, their cold three day old taken off the car floor fries, their expired food...these people don't want this and neither do the people of OSO want the things we no longer want.

Love on these people, give them a smile if only for a moment, show them you care by donating something you would want to have in your home. Not something you would never use.

Please, think before you send something that deep down, you know belongs in the trash!

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