Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What Do I Really Do?

I get asked the question many times, 'What do you really do? How do you classify your business?'

First off, I am NOT a business. I do not make a product to sell, I do not bring in a profit, I can get up and move around when I want to, take a nap when I need to, leave when I want to, sew or quilt or not if I don't feel like it.  I have no deadlines per se, so I am NOT a business.

I am in reality a non-profit because I make no profit, I spend more money and time on making quilts for those in need, than I have ever received and the cost of postage...well lets just say, I don't have a goose that lays stamps or golden eggs.

The IRS has a long list of things someone must do to qualify for being a non-profit not to mention they charge over $800 just to file the paperwork, so though I make no money or spend more than I bring in, I am still not considered a non-profit though someday I would love to be.

I believe I am a ministry, ministering to those 911 operators, first responders and those that have endured unimaginable tragedies and disasters with the love of a quilt.  It really is that simple.  

I am a facilitator, I receive quilts and when there is a need and there is always a need, I gather quilts or quilters and the process starts and so many of you who are part of this, are ministering to these hurting people as well.

But I am not tied to any religion or society, I am just me and with all of you together we form Layers of Hope - Quilting 911.  I guess I can sum it up like this...

My husband was talking to his boss yesterday about what I do and he asked if I had a long arm sewing machine and my husband laughed and told him, 'no, that is out of my budget range with the money I bring home, she just uses her sewing machine and quilts.'

His boss then said something about well, she can't make that many can she?  My husband laughed and told him, 'she can because she has the most amazing network of quilts ever and when there is a need she lets them know and they all work together and get quilts out.  It truly is amazing and what is more amazing is they do this from their hearts.'

So if you ask what I do, what Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 is all about I would say we are about love, sharing that love and we are a ministering charity based on Love.

Me, I just facilitate and make quilts. All of YOU...are the glue that keeps us going! 

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  1. I worked in law enforcement for 15 yrs. This would have made such a difference. I am now retired, but am still a member of the law enforcement community. If I see a need on your blog I will send something if I can. I have a passion to provide quilts to people actively serving or Veterans of the military. It is not part of Quilts of Valor, Wounded Warriors, Quilts of Honor; but I am responsible for an area in the U.S. Most of my time quilting is with that project; but if I can help you out I will! Thank you for what you are doing!


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