Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No More Defending My Numbers

The minute I heard about the Oso landslide I got busy reaching out to the quilting community and initially asked for 300-500 quilts and right away I cannot believe it, but people asked, 'why do you need that many there aren't that many that survived.' Seriously? If you are that callous, don't donate, it is as simple as that!

So to all who keep questioning me for whatever reason let me say this. Oso had a population of around 180 people and 5 of those have rescued as of today.  

A baby was found this morning added to the number I believe of 17, I am not keeping up with the news for numbers. Now that would mean that those that perished could have a wife, husband, mom, dad, sibling, grandparents that were not there and are affected by this. So lets just say all 180 had 2 surviving family members.

There is 360 quilts needed just for those family members.

Now Snohomish County Sheriff's office has 265 sworn members and I am pretty sure many of those helped or are helping and seeing things they will never see and were not prepared for...now we have a need for 565 quilts.

I have heard there are locals from Arlington and Darrington that are helping, so they are seeing things they will never forget and lets say there are at least 100. Now we are at over 600 so I underestimated the need for quilts.

If you are worried then all I can say, is don't be. We will gets these quilts to those who need them if it takes me 2 trips or 200 trips, I am going to deliver all I get until I am told they are all covered or they don't need anymore and then the rest will be used for 911 dispatchers in need and other tragedies.

If you do not want to donate, then please, don't. I am not going to twist your arm but I would like to ask you one question and I don't need an answer here.

When you give to the Red Cross, Salvation Army, United Way do you know if the money you really gives stays where you want it to, do you know if 100% of the money you donate goes 100% to the rescue efforts?  Hmmm, I am thinking you might be surprised at those answers.

I am not saying don't trust those agencies, all I am saying or asking really, is why are you so worried?  I post pictures and I will post pictures.  

I am not a mind reader, I don't know how many we will really need but then again when the Red Cross or United Way says they need $1,000,000,000 for the area, do they really know they need that much? Could it be more? Yes it could and probably will be.  Could it be less? Yes, it could and if it is, are you going to ask for your money back?  No, you are happy they will use it later when they have a need.

I so love and appreciate all of you, but I cannot answer this question anymore it is just to much to answer everyday a question of my honesty and integrity.  While I encourage people to be safe, I don't expect people to daily try to tear this organization down either!


  1. Good for you. The time you spent responding to suspicious people can be better spent making quilts to bring comfort to those effected by tragedy. Bless you for your work and kind giving heart.

  2. Thank you so much for your encouragment and you are right, it takes up a lot of time and energy!

  3. I agree with Daytona Damsel. Put your energy into the good work you do and stop worrying about the naysayers.

  4. If more people got off their butts and helped, they wouldn't have time to be so stupid. Good on you, you're doing a fantastic job.


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