Friday, April 18, 2014

Here it is April 18th and Inquiring Quilters Want To Know...

Yes, I agree with the person who asked what is going on.

First of all, long before the devastating landslide, our family had a well deserved family vacation planned to see my elderly step-father who lives alone, to visit my son who lives on the street, to see our first great grandchild and to allow our grandchildren time to be kids and have fun!

We placed our mail on hold and hired a house sitter who neatly stacked quilt boxes and today, we picked up 39 boxes of quilts.
At this time, I have only gone through 5 and one was a blessing of fabric from a lady in Washington DC, another was quilt labels.

How many do I have currently on hand?  I do not honestly have a number yet.  How many have been handed out? None. Prior to my leaving for vacation I had approximately 10-15 quilts and wanted to wait for a full load.

When I returned home, we had 39 boxes to pick up. One quilt shop had only 1 quilt to pick up, another had 4 great ones to go and the others were stained and pretty bad, another person continues to send me boxes of used clothing, which I have no way to store and the area has asked for people to stop sending clothing.

At this time, right now, unboxed and counted, I have 27 quilts with many more boxes to go through.

Please understand, I open each box ensuring the quilts are new, clean without stains and tears or tattered, I take pictures of them, I log them into a system I have set up for Layers of Hope, I send out thank you cards for everything that comes to me.

I cannot just tear open boxes and toss them around, I have a reverence for these quilts, for those they will go to and those that made them.

I will get these quilts up to Oso. How many more we will need?  I do not know, but I promise as I said these quilts will continue to go until we are told to stop.

It is my fervent hope and prayers that we can get a load up this week via a group that goes up everyday and we can get some answers as to how many more are needed.

Please, bear patient with me, I promise they will be delivered until we are told no more are needed!

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  1. Hi Jean,
    glad to know your good. Thought you were really sick after the last post.
    C McPeek


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