Monday, April 21, 2014

Coming Home

As you know we were on an extended 10 day vacation, but it was amazing to come home to boxes of quilts from UPS and FEDEX neatly stacked by our house sitter.

At Our Home When We Arrived

 Then it was time to go to the post office. Would we have 2 or 20 boxes or any at all?  I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed when our mail lady told us to pull up to the loading dock.

Hubby whispered, 'how many can there be?'  
Here is a picture of hubbies camper, with 39 boxes in all sizes of quilts and in all kinds of packaging from boxes to vinyl envelopes.
Getting the kids involved was necessary when we got home.

I can still carry one more!

Wagon Train Line

Oh sure, I can see!

Hubby putting the last box down.
 Then began the sorting into piles for men and women, boys and girls and babies, tagging each one with a paper heart stating who donated it and from what state, sending out a thank you card for each one, taking a picture and posting on pinterest!

These are the ones I have gone through thus far and am waiting to put them in plastic bins for transport.

These are the ones I will be going through from now until delivery date.  Notice that you can no longer see my grandsons wall or shoes and they are much higher!
Notice the first picture and now this one

Goes back quite aways!

So, what am I doing blogging? Gotta run, lots of work still to do!

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