Saturday, February 22, 2014

Our Motto and Our Mission

I feel the need to day to just reflect and revisit our motto and mission for Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 so those of you that may be new here or stumbled upon us, will see what our mission truly is.

Our Motto Is: Love For Our Unseen Heroes@
Mission Statement: 
Layers of Hope - Quilting 911's mission is to enhance the lives of 911 Telecommunications Operators (911 Dispatchers) and their families during times of illness, disaster, loss and tragedy by inspiring hope, faith and optimism with a quilt of warmth and comfort in order to make a positive influence in the lives of those who make a difference everyday, one quilt and one stitch at a time.@

Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 is a registered trademark and our motto and mission statement are copyrights that cannot be used without express written permission from the organization!

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