Friday, February 21, 2014

Adoption Quilt

I read a blog posting the other day over at Julies blog on The Intrepid Thread blog about a friend who is doing her best to adopt a child from Krygyzstan and they have been waiting now for six long years as there was a moratorium on adoptions.

Now there is a short window opened and they are trying to bring their precious Diana home from earlier when they shut the window and they couldn't.

They have all the funds, but are raising money now for the family to travel and spend the last of the finalization weeks in Krygyzstan waiting for this child.

They are asking for donations of cash and quilts and have raised over $7000 of the estimated $10,000 they will need.  They are asking for quilt donations and will be raffling them off, so I made this one and put it in the mail today.

I had some left over fabric that I thought would work perfect for a little boy quilt and put it together.  I am hoping they raise some money with this quilt so they can bring that precious little girl home! 

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