Thursday, January 9, 2014

Please Consider Donating

By far my largest cost is postage and right now I just don't understand how my friend sent me 4 quilts in a box from California for less than $12 and I sent the same box out with one quilt to California and spent over $15.  Am I missing something?  Is there actually discounted postage I could be using?

As you know, I am NOT at this time non-profit, though I truly am a non-profit with every quilt, every penny, every spool of thread donated going right back into the quilts for our heroes and their families in need.

We are raising 3 grandchildren ages 10, 11 & 12 years old and I know every time I turn around, I am being asked for $5 here, $20 there and I can't seem to wait for summer so I can save a few dollars. I am sure those of you with junior high children know what I am talking about.

The difference is, we have already raised our family and now in our 'senior moment,' years are raising a second family and this time around, I am unable to work so I must seriously limit the amount of money I spend each month on postage.

A few days ago, I had six boxes in my living room ready to go out. I am now down to three left and while I think I can sweet talk my wonderful hubby into paying for one of them, I know we will need to get to my van repaired this month as well.

If anyone can find it within their heart to donate a few dollars for postage I would truly be blessed and appreciate it.  If you can, there is a paypal button on the right side of this blog you can donate that way or contact me for my address.

All checks must be made out currently to me and not Layers of Hope until the approval of my business license and name go through the state and I can open a bank account!


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