Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Know You Want A Teeny Peek

Just a Peek
You know you are on pins and needles just dying to get the smallest peek at our new logo here at Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 and are as anxious as a kid at Christmas, so I thought I would just let you have the smallest of peeks!

Well, okay, maybe it's not our logo behind that door, but it is about as much of a peek as I am going to let you have right now because I want you to be as surprised as that kid at Christmas time.

I can tell you that yesterday I was treated to the preview logo's and true to self, I just couldn't choose, I liked them all. However after asking the two artsy people in the house, my granddaughters, a design was quickly picked which is surprising because many times they can't agree on if it is hot or cold out!
They quickly picked the logo, the font they liked and we send our choices to our designer with some personal changes I wanted to see and late last night I got the almost finished logo back.

I say almost because the girls are going to have the final say in this as I want them to feel as much a part of this as I am and since they do much of the tagging, boxing, carrying boxes to the car and out of the car to the post office, I think it makes them realize this is important.

So, all you can do is peek through a door and soon we will reveal the logo!

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