Sunday, January 19, 2014

Finally, Finished, Waiting To Mail

This quilt is for Aaron, the son of one of the Colorado Dispatchers whose home was affected by flooding in 2013.  Last report I received was they were staying with friends, unknown the status of their home and the boys dad was in ICU in grave condition following an appendectomy.

Lots of stuff for adults to process, let alone 3 young children having their entire lives tossed upside down so quickly.  This took me forever and even though I was meticulous about using 1/4" foot and seams, I couldn't get a few of them to match up not matter what I tried.

Aaron loves the color black and I truly hope there is enough black in his quilt to make him smile. I added the orange as a color to helpfully make him smile and brighten up his nights or whenever he uses this quilt!



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