Friday, January 31, 2014

Collaboration Quilt for Colorado Dispatcher Flood Victim

 This is the beautiful top and matching back that Sara over at My Sewing Room sent to me awhile back to be used for on the Colorado dispatchers.  I have been working on the quilting portion for a few weeks now a bit at a time as my shoulder and hands hurt if I do to much.

So it has been a joy to me to work on it, because the colors just brightened up my day each time I sat down to work on it.

It is nice to be able to sit and get up when I need to, take a few days off from quilting if I need to and not feel the pressure and I am so blessed to have all of you to trust me that you know I am slow, but I will get it done...just like that tortoise!
This is the back. I just use a running stipple type of stitch on my little Singer machine and away we go!

If you get a chance stop by and say hello to Sara, she is such an amazing quilter and so sweet!

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