Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thank You So Much!

We are now at the 47% mark for raising the funds to pay for our new logo for Layers of Hope. I cannot say thank you enough to the three people who have stepped forward in faith and their belief in me and donated to see this project take a major step in becoming the best it can be.

Christmas is a difficult time for many of us, I cannot tell you how much I struggle this time of year to keep a smile on my face and the depression that works so hard to tear it off.

I lost a child many years ago and Christmas reminds me that a chunk of me is missing, a part of our family hasn't been here to celebrate, I will never know what he grew up to look like, if he married, etc.  But in his memory, we hang an angel on our tree sitting on the moon first each year and there is a contest each year to see who wins the honor of placing it on the tree.

My mom loved Christmas, her house was always decorated even when all the kids were gone and she baked and mailed us goodies like you wouldn't believe.

The one Christmas we spent together with her, her husband, my grandmother (her last) and my son, we arrived at her house and she had so many pies I was in awe.

Mom made hubby his favorite Pecan, me a Cherry pie, my son and her hubby a Pumpkin pie and as we came in the door, she had taken out of skillet a fresh hot pan of fried pie dough with cinnamon and sugar for me because it was my fave as a child!

The following Christmas, grandma was gone and two years later I lost both my mom and dad within 3 months of each other. I felt abandoned and lost and while I know it was their time, it doesn't make Christmas any better.  Or does it?

I decorate more than I used to, I force myself to smile more than I used to and I am blessed to have a family who loves me. Still, depression is a battle.

However, yesterday with no school the girls played several musical pieces for me with their Trombone/Piano and Clarinet, diva girl made a snowman and someone donated to Layers of Hope all of which made me realize how awesome my family and all of you are!

Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 will move forward, we will continue our ministry and we will bless others who work so hard to reach out to help us during our time of need!

Blessings to all of you and thank you isn't enough for all your donations this year! 

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