Monday, December 2, 2013

Colorado Quilts On Their Way

These are 3 quilts I finished up this past week. Once again I was blessed by someone making the tops and backs and sent me the batting so all I did was the quilting and binding.

These are all going to one family in Colorado who lost their homes to the floods. I was going to hold onto them until I had the 4th one completed, but think I will just pop them in the mail this week and work on the 4th one this week!

It was originally sent to me as one very long (over 8' long) childs quilt which I cut into 2 quilts and think it really gave them 2 separate looks. They are for a 7 & 10 year old and both are over 4' long so I really feel they will be a great quilt for both of the boys!

Thank you to Joanne H. for such a wonderful blessing!


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