Wednesday, November 6, 2013

911 Dispatcher Needs Cards of Support

I am writing to ask for support for our friend and fellow dispatcher, Kari Gonzales. Kari has been in public safety for 23 years. She dispatched for the Loveland Police Department for many years and is currently working for Colorado State University dispatch.
Kari’s daughter Mykalah was born with severe intestinal issues and received a transplant shortly after. The first few years of her life were quite a struggle. Mykalah is now 20 years old and has grown into a beautiful young lady. Last week she began to have severe abdominal pain and spiked a fever of 105 degrees. She was rushed to Children’s Hospital of Denver. After many tests, doctors believe that her body is beginning to reject the transplant. This is causing multiple additional health issues. Mykalah is now being flown to University of Nebraska hospital in Omaha, Nebraska for more specialized treatment.
Kari, understandably, is not planning to leave her daughter’s side. Her specific needs are unknown at this point, but Kari will be out of work for an undetermined amount of time. Because she will be in a different state and away from home, family and her support system, we are asking for prayers, thoughts and any support through gift cards you may be able to help with.
Please send any cards of support to:
Loveland Emergency Communications Center
911 Cares Activation
810 E 10th St.
Loveland, Co. 80537

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