Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pictures and Mailings

I just went to the post office and mailed off a package for Oklahoma Tornado victims and a quilt for one of the Granite Mountain families so it is time to ask...

How many of you are close to completing your quilts?  How many have mailed them off and not sent me pictures or let me know?  I have received pictures of tops the past few days that are beautiful and I know those quilts will be complete soon and I have received shipping notices from others letting me know they were mailed.

However, this is when I get a bit nervous as many of you I haven't heard from, haven't received any pictures and not even a note letting me know how you are doing.

Please, check in so I know where we stand.  Whether they are picture ready or not, just tell me you are still working on them. If you mailed them without a picture, let me know that as well!

Once I hear they are mailed and you are finished, I will remove your name from the list unless of course you would like to step up and take another family member as we still have 30 that need adopting!

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  1. The quilt for Leah Fine is being bound today, the second quilt is being hand tied today and bound tomorrow, and the third quilt is complete!!


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