Saturday, July 20, 2013


I am just sickened by the news today that two people actually used the Boston Marathon as a way to gain hundreds of thousands of dollars to be used for their own greed!

What rock do these people crawl out from under? Seriously, faking hospital documents, who does that?  Saying your family member lost their legs while they have been deceased for years?  It turns my stomach!

It also makes it more difficult for me to get quilters to step up because they feel there are so many people doing this, they don't want to trust someone.  I get that, I really do.

Let me assure you, every time something like this happens, I find a contact person or agency in the area and I get busy getting information we need and when I have it, I post it!

These quilts do NOT come to me at all.  I live in Washington state and these quilts are being sent to Prescott, Arizona fire station or in the event I can find a families address where they can be delivered directly to the family, I have them sent there!

The only quilts I receive are the ones that need completion and then they go in the mail and on their way.  What purpose would I have in keeping so many quilts?  

NONE!!  I am NOT a hoarder, not even of fabric, while I have a stash, it isn't a huge one because I have no room to put it. Right now my living room is piled with quilts in progress, quilts needing to be completed and others in boxes going to the mail.

If you send a donation of money, it goes directly to postage, fabric for more quilts, mailing quilts and even to the families if we have anything left.

Please, even I urge caution when donating, but I want you to know this is legit, I would never scam anyone, it isn't in my nature, it against the laws I hold up of humanity and I believe strongly in God's punishments and karma!

If this has been holding you back, please do not let it, we are still desperate for more!

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