Saturday, June 29, 2013

Quilts For Calgary Canada and Way To Save Postage!

This is from the Quilting for Calgary Facebook group:

We are most greatful to Westfreight Systems in Houston for their kindness and generosity. Westfreight will be bringing US donations to us once a week hence eliminating the customs concerns and expense for our US friends in getting their donaitons to us. Please send your donations to:
Westfreight Systems 
16855 Crosby Freeway
Houston, Texas, 77049 
Ph. 281-456-7332 
Attention: Kathy or Randy

So, if you wanted to help out with the efforts to send quilts for the flood victims in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but have wondered about the postage, here's a great way to help out and save on postage. I'm excited that now I can send some finished quilts and not just quilt tops. I can afford to send finished quilts to Houston and not have to worry about paying the postage to Canada. Sometimes it pays to be patient. Not that I had a choice. I've been so sick that when I sew for any length of time I have to take a nap. I'm hoping that since I've come off the propranolol, my energy will come back soon and I will be able to get back to work. I have so much to accomplish this summer and time is ticking away. I'm glad for the time to rest, but am ready to get working again.

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