Friday, February 2, 2018

Douglas County Request for Quilts

I received this request from a dispatcher who used to work in Aurora, Colorado when the theatre massacre occured and we blessed that agency with 86 quilts.

I know we are still trying to get quilts to Las Vegas dispatch and we have fell sadly short of meeting the goal and I believe it was due to the holidays.

Please, if you can send to Las Vegas or Douglas County, contact me via email and let me know.

 I am a newer dispatcher at Douglas County Regional dispatch. On December 31st we lots a deputy to gun fire at a call.  This incident has devastated the dispatchers I work with.

I came from Aurora, Co dispatch center and worked the Century 16 shooting. We received 82 quilts from your organization and I can not tell you what that meant to our center.

I am hoping to organize the same for my current center during this time of devastating loss.

I would appreciate you help and direction so much.

Thank you so much

Kristen Miller

**Your quilts make a difference to those hurting. Please, do NOT send the quilts to me, send me an Email and I will get an address to mail these to.'**

I am still living in a 5th wheel, but right now attempting to find a small place I can do my quilting from, keep Layers of Hope in your prayers for the right home to open up to my husband and I or someone to step up with a space large enough for me to set up in!

Blessings and Many Thanks!

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