Thursday, November 5, 2015

Just a Few Heading To Twisp, Chelan and Further

So, I have a good solid number of the quilts needed in Chelan. They have a total of 25 families, some have children and some do not, so I estimated 3 quilts per family for a total of 75.  When I get up there next week, we will have a better head count.

Only 3 were needed in Twisp and I was just told there are another 38 families in Okanogan County that lost their homes. I am hoping to have enough quilts to cover everyone.

While I do NOT collect hats, someone felt they needed to send me several boxes of hats and those will go up with me for those families in need.  I have taken 20 baby hats I received and paired them with 20 baby quilts for the local hospital in the area as last year they said they have families with very little and our quilts will bless them.

Here are just a few of the many quilts I have received!


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