Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Quilts and Trolls (NO! Not the Dolls)

So many people have become social media meanies or what I like to term social media trolls!  These people seriously sit around all day at home, no jobs, no friends, nothing but on the internet trolling news, blogs and other social media sites to be mean!

I just do not understand it and probably never will. What form of satisfaction do they get in being so mean to others or people they do not know?

This was apparent today when a local attorney in northern Washington purchased a fire truck to help battle the fires and more what he is doing is helping stop homes from going up in flames.

Our state is begging for volunteers to fight the fires and this man buys a fire truck, gets some basic training and says, 'I am here to help.'

You guessed it, the trolls are out attacking him and his wife. Because she said he was crazy to do this they assume she means crazy to spend $5000 and have begun calling her cold, stating if he spent that much in jewelry she wouldn't call him crazy.

They are saying he is a moron, has no business being out there on the line and yet...our state is asking for people to get involved and to help.

I bring this up because yesterday I had someone personally attack me on FB and it isn't the first time he has done this. I do not know him, have not done anything to him but he has called me names, tried to discredit Layers of Hope  cursing me out because I am asking for handmade new quilts and blankets and do NOT accept other things.

He cursed me telling me not everyone is in a good place right now, so I should take whatever I get and be happy. I tried to explain last year people began sending me boxes of old clothes (I had to donate them to shelters) and I sadly received quilts that had blood, were ripped and torn and some even had a strong smell of cigarette smoke.

I told him he doesn't challenge Project Linus or Quilts of Valor both amazing programs that ask for handmade quilts, so why is he after me? I then told him someone had donated an entire box of yarn to me and while I do not quilt or knit, I would gladly donate it to someone who would like to make blankets for us.  No, the yarn is not brand new, but it is still in paper sleeves.  He kept hammering.

Finally I sent him a PM and asked him what his issue with me was? You kicked me off such and such site. 'Ummm, no I didn't because I am not an admin there.' I was told you were. I had to explain he was told wrong and this needed to stop.  

He agreed to stop harassing me and said from now on if someone says something about me, he will come to be directly. What is sad, is that I shouldn't have had to do that, but that is what trolling does, it allows you to attack someone and not know the facts.

After that, I decide to put together some beautifully donated fabric squares and completed this quilt top.  Today I hope to finish it!

Normally, I let things like his comments slide. However, he was attacking this organization I have worked so hard over the last 10 years to build up and that was NOT going to happen!

Don't allow trolls to ruin your life and don't let them get by with personal attacks on you!


  1. Trolls need fuel and there are plenty out there to light them. It is often difficult not to defend but it seems to fuel them. You were smart to ask...he was honest to answer. Too bad he didn't in the first place.

    Beautiful work on your top. I have 10 quilts made by people in an organization I do not know, who saw my blog and wanted to send quilts. I will mail them up to you sometime next week.

  2. So true Pollyanna and usually I don't answer, but in this case, he had been banned by the initial site and then took after me on another.
    1- I am from New York
    2- I raised 5 sons
    3- I was an emergency 911 Operator
    I usually don't back down on to many things so I confronted him and he has been quiet ever since!

  3. I am so sorry you had to have such an experience with a troll. You do so much good. And I'm actually proud of you for stating what you can use vs not use. Those ignorant people think that you, or any charity, should accept anything anyone wants to give you has never walked in your shoes. Why waste peoples money for postage or product, to ship you something you can't use. You have a focus, a niche, it works and it does good things for many.

    But I'm so proud of you for how professional you handled this troll.



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