Thursday, August 20, 2015

Okanogan County Needs Our Quilts NOW!!!

Last night, three fire fighters died fighting the wildfires in central Washington, four others are in the hospital and one of those is in critical condition.

People in the Chelan area are losing their homes and there appears to be no end to the high winds that are kicking up in that area as well as prediction of lightening this week-end.

Okanogan County is literally on fire and the towns of Twisp and Winthrop have been evacuated, it is devastating as these fires get whipped hopscotching across roads, fields and mountains.

Last year you help me deliver over 400 quilts to the Oso landslide victims. We also delivered over 200 to this area that was hit with fires as well, but nothing like now!

My contact just sent me a note...'I am so sorry to be talking to you again, can we count on your organization to help again this year, I will contact you soon.'

Please our need is greater this year. Read below and if you can help, please send the quilts to me. I am praying for an October delivery for first drop off.

1- Twin and Full sized quilts
2- Toddler Sized quilts
3-  Knit or Crochet caps
Please understand, I CANNOT accept clothing, shoes, etc. I am not a drop off facility, I am a one person organization that accepts quilts that all of you amazing quilters send and then I deliver them.

At this time or until further notice, PLEASE NO BABY quilts, I am overrun with them and our need is not for infant quilts but adults more than anything!

Quilts, blankets, caps all must be handmade and as brand new as possible, (i.e. if you made one years ago and it has never been used, by all means send it. If it has been on grannies nursing home bed and is torn, has blood stains, holes, smells...keep it as these people do not want our garbage!)

Last year I received clothing I had to donate to charity, I received quilts that were torn, had droplets of blood, holes, smelled like cigarettes, etc. Those I tried to wash and donate, several were trashed.

Be kind, think of how you would feel if you lost everything and someone brings you a stinky quilt that has blood on it. Ewwww, gross and not going to happen!

Please, share our need with your church, friends, quilt shops, yarn shops, crochet and knitting friends, help us spread the word.

Copy our FB page and get the word out.

Mail quilts to:
18740 Ivan Street SW
Rochester, WA 98579



  1. I will have 13 quilts to send to you. Many more will be coming from my quilting forum, the Quilting Bee, on Delphi Forums. We normally give these quilts to children of my college's Christmas Adopt-a-Family. Our hearts are saying to send them to the fire victims this year.

  2. I have posted a blog of your call.

  3. Unfortunately the majority of the quilts I have are approx 40x54. I just read you did not need these.

  4. At this time Pollyanna, unless there is a huge need for smaller quilts, I have 4 shelves full. We never have enough large ones for children, teens and adults! That is why I always put out we have 1.5 to 2 months for collections as I know the bigger ones take time!

  5. I have about 45 Loom knitted hats that my girl scout troop has been making. I'd love to send them your way if you can use them. We keep making more.

  6. Could you use new fleece hats and blankets?

  7. Any new fleece items acceptable? Hats or large double blankets?

  8. Fleece will be accepted as long as they are brand new or handmade and for older children and adults. Baby and infant quilts and hats are not needed at this time!


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