Monday, June 15, 2015

More and More Quilts For our Shelves

From Karen in Arkansas
From Karen in Arkansas

From Myra in Bellingham

From Adele in LA

I did NOT it was possible to have a never ending cough, but I am beginning to believe I have exactly that. I have been battling an upper respiratory infection/virus/whatever it is off and on since February and I cannot seem to shake it. It goes incognito for a week or two and comes back with a vengence.

I am still opening, photographing, logging quilts in from last week. So if you do not see yours yet, I will get to it over the next few days I promise!


  1. What lovely quilts are coming in! I'm glad mine arrived safely.

  2. Time for a visit to the doctor?

    It's fun seeing the quilts that have arrived.

    Hope you soon feel better!


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