Sunday, May 17, 2015

Garland Texas Police Department Looses 911 Communications Operator in Tragedy!/news/local/Mother-Dead--2-Children-Injured-in-Wrong-Way-Crash--Garland-Police/304011971

The link goes to the tragic death of a 911 Operator from Garland,Texas who was killed in a head on accident when someone driving the wrong direction on the freeway collided with her families car.

Please pray for her 10 year old daughter Ally who is in the hospital in critical care and her 9 month old son  Peyton, who is doing well and not hospitalized.

I do not have any further information than what is offered in the story above, but have send a card of condolences to Garland Police Department and will be getting 2 quilts out for the children mid-week.

If you would like to send a card, please send it to:
Garland Police Department
200 North Fifth Street
Garland, TX  75040

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  1. It's so nice Layers of Hope is able to send quilts to the hurting family.


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