Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Quilts For Flood Victims

The rain has thankfully subsided today, however, living in Washington state, it is expected to return on the week-end which is not giving anyone time to clean up before the next round.

People lost and are still losing their homes to the landslides yesterday and while the Queets Avenue landslide is shown over and over again, a families home went down the hill and that is not shown.

People are stranded in a portion of Aberdeen while the county and cities of Hoquiam and Aberdeen rush to open a logging road for residents to get in and out of the area.

Many people in the area live in what locals refer to as 'The Flats,' and the name says it all and when it rains, the drainage system gets overloaded (at over 6" of rain in 24 hours, what system wouldn't), and homes are flooded quickly.

Then to add perhaps a little salt to the wound (pun intended), Mother Nature comes in and says, 'the rain is good, but now lets rise the tides in the ocean.' When that happens, the rivers in the area rise and they flood their banks and homes and businesses once again are filled with water!

I can hear some of you saying...'well, why don't they move?' Simply economics. Grays Harbor is one of the poorest communities in Washington state, the highest of unemployed and there simply is no funding for these people to move.

I have always believed their should be grants to raise their homes higher off the ground to prevent the flooding and many homes are built with living areas high off the ground but basements are still flooded causing mold and other issues.

The people of Grays Harbor like the people of Oso and Okanogan County are proud people, life long residents of the area and have hearts of gold. They are not charity seekers and have pulled together during this time, but like time itself, people will pull away and forget this disaster.

The Red Cross will move in, help for a bit and just as quickly as they came, they will disappear. I saw this in Oso and I know the job they do is important, but not everyone wants to go to Red Cross and not everyone can donate cash.

These people need to have something to hold onto, to wrap around them to stay warm and to know they are not isolated, to see others care.

Please, watch the video I posted below...click on the link and if you have a roof over your head, a warm place to stay, your own bed to sleep in, think about these people who lost so much and send a quilt to me to deliver to them ASAP:

Jean Kester
18740 Ivan Street SW
Rochester, WA  98579


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