Sunday, August 17, 2014

Washington Quilt Needs

Today I was doing inventory of the quilts I have on hand for the Washington Wildfire families and I was so disappointed in the numbers, I wanted to sit down and cry!

We have exactly 133 quilts on hand, out of those 70 are baby quilts, 23 are lap sized quilts (22 female and 1 male). We have 12 large twin or larger for men and 28 same size for women.

In the Carlton Complex fire alone from last count I have is that 325 homes were completely gone. That is 325 families without homes, FEMA had turned them down for assistance so they are not only without homes, our government has told them they aren't going to help them.

Governor Jay Inslee is appealing the decision made by FEMA/President Obama, these missing homes do not include the many storage buildings, barns, businesses that make up a community.

Winters are cold in Eastern Washington and I have already sent one quilt out to a 911 dispatcher and her husband who lost their home in Okanogan.

Please, we must get word out, we need at least double the number of large quilts, we do not need baby quilts at this time and we need to get them here by October before the passes get to the point, I can no longer drive over them.

Remember, the address to send them to is:
Jean Kester
18740 Ivan Street SW
Rochester, WA  98579

Please help me fill a cargo van full of quilts to take in October!

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  1. I received a very nice thank you note from Pastor Sandi. :- )

    Wish I could work faster to get the full size quilt done that I'm currently building!


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