Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Quilts For Mom and Child with MRSA

These 2 quilts were sent to me by Marilyn L. of North Hills Quilter and her Binky Patrol for dispatchers in need. I added the binding on both and purple heart shaped labels and packed them up this morning.

They are going to 911 dispatcher Tonya and her 3 year old daughter Alex who has MRSA and is in the hospital and has had numerous surgeries to get rid of the infection.  This is such an insidious disease to get rid of as it spreads like wildfire and is so antibiotic resistant.

Our oldest had it when she was about 3 or 4 and the pain we had to put that child through several times a day to remove the poison out of her body, to this day she still remembers it, still will not get around anyone who appears to have an open sore and always has hand sanitizer with her. She cried this morning when I told her about baby Alex and said she will pray for her!

 I just love the Teddy Bears on this one and know Alex will as well and the colors in Tonya's reminds me of a beautiful sunset.

If you would like to help Alex and Tonya, please follow this link:

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